How to Reduce Pimples and Black Spots Naturally On Face

Here Is the Solution for to Reduce Pimples Home remedies to treat black spots, dark spots Naturally On Face for Men & women

Reduce Pimples:

How to reduce pimples with natural Home remedies :

Pimples are caused by excess sebum secretion which will be from oil gland. This regularly will occur face, back, shoulders and neck. This doesn’t cause any condition of emergency but makes a person feel irritated. Oil gland in skin will get affected by bacteria, Swell up and will fill with pus and cause pimples. We have got many artificial and natural methods for treating methods to reduce pimples. Natural treatment will make pimples disappear in shot period rather than taking time to treats in case of lotion and medicines. You can reduce pimples with these five for home remedies to remove pimple marks for oily skin.

reduce pimples
Reduce pimples
  1. Lemon (Nimbu)

Using lemon juice which contains Vitamin C is a instant way to reduce pimples. Use fresh Lemon which dries you pimples quickly. Make a fresh lemon juice and dip a cotton swab in make it wet. Late apply it on part of pimples before going to sleep.

  1. Tea Tree oil

For pimples and acne Tea Tree Oil is choose as best remedy. The antibacterial properties present in this oil will fight with bacteria which is causing pimples and acne. Dip a cotton swab in Tea tree oil and rub it on your pimples. Later after 20 minutes wash your face.

  1. Ice

Ice is best quickly available that will make your redness of Pimples disappear soon. It removes stem dirt and oil accumulated by allowing the blood circulation faster in affected area. Yu just need to wrap the ice in any cloth and rub it in your pimple which after sometimes reduce redness on face.

  1. steam

Steaming is best process practically for Pimples. It allows your skin to breathe by opening the pores with steam which removes oil, dirt and bacteria which is trapped in pores causing infection. Fill a bottle in large bowl and steam it till the vapor comes out, then cover your face with towel and face in steam.

  1. Toothpaste (Normally we are using at our home):

Toothpaste can also be used as a daily remedy for treating pimples and black spots. Only the paste which doesn’t have gel can be used for treatment. Just apply some toothpaste on pimple part before going to sleep, As you wake up face your face clearly and a difference can be seen.

Thanks for reading this article we will update pimple marks removal home remedies in Hindi & Telugu, Tamil languages also.

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