Causes of Pimples or Acne on Face in Adults

Causes of Pimples or Acne on face in adults
Pimples are like a bad mark on face, this don’t make much pain but causes irritation more often. There are many causes of pimples which we dint bother daily. We have mentioned some cause of pimples, from which you can find how to protect your skin.

What Causes Acne Around the Mouth and Jaw line?

  1. Teenage Pimples

Pimples mostly get on young boys and young girls skin, As the body is building up and undergoes some physical changes. The sebaceous glands become overactive and get ready for reproduction. This by blocking the pores causes pimples.

  1. Dead Skin Cells:

Our skin shed some layer of dead skin cells, which sometime get stuck in the sebum, this blockage of pore causes pimples.

  1. High Glycemic Food and Dairy Product effect:

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics got a publication from New York University stating that high glycemic food causes pimples. Which include cakes with high sugar, beverages with sweet and other items? Since the Dairy product is high in calcium which effect skin it will then increase the cause of pimples.

  1. Growth of Bacteria:

Bacteria are present in the sebum cells. This sebum cells will blocks the pores holes by accumulating its cells. The bacteria are known as propionibacterium acnes is a slow spreading bacteria which causes it effect in suitable conditions. Sometimes it really cause irritating and painful pimples, due to this skin inflammation is caused which affect the immune response of skin.

  1. Sensitive to testosterone:

Propionibacterium acnes ahs two strains, one with healthy skin will not get affected to pimples at anytime. People with skin prone will get affected since testosterone is present in human body. As it is natural hormone in males and females, the cause of pimple is more here. This collects eth sebum in the skin which lead sot blockage of pores which stuck the dead skin and causes pimple. It also leads to worst case sometimes.

  1. Stress:

Extra stress on body due to tension leads to upset your body function. Which also leads to cause pimples

  1. Medicinal causes:

Medicines, moisturizers which have androgens in them causes pimples

This is the causes of pimples on chin and around mouth and Pimples or Acne on Face in Adults

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